Interview in The YYScene

Tom speaks with Mike Bell of Calgary's The YYScene about his newest release, "Love and Misery". 

...“It is not Happy by Pharrell,” says Tom Olsen.

No. Despite the yellow circle smiling (sarcastically?) at you that you’ll encounter once inside, it’s certainly not that. 

It’s Love and Misery. Sometimes both at the same time.

And it’s what forms the emotional pulp of the local roots artist’s sophomore album titled, obviously, Love and Misery.

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Featured in Beatroute Magazine

... a catalogue full of heartfelt and heartache that’s all killer and no filler. There’s a lot of living in those 12 tracks; Olsen pulls no punches. It’s a little rough for those that don’t like to confront the power and pitfalls of love with all of its complexities... Olsen remains fiery: his songs, his voice, his guitars tough and bold. There’s a fierceness, a raw nerve — Olsen’s cut from the cloth of real emotion."

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