Love and misery


 "A catalogue full of heartfelt and heartache that’s all killer and no filler..."

                                               Beatroute Magazine

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Tom Olsen and the Wreckage are a Calgary-based alt-country band formed in 2014.

The Wreckage features top-end musicians who have long been active in the Calgary and Edmonton music scenes, giving them a unique, rooted-in-Alberta sound.

In 2015, Tom released his first album, "Subtle as a Hurricane".

The band's second album, "Love and Misery", was released in 2017.




Tom Olsen on vocals and guitar

Jonathan Lagore on lead guitar

Ben Jackson on drums

Derek Pulliam on bass and harmony vocals


Thanks to our good friends:

Floyd Bjorgan

Lloyd Lewis

Bob Paterson

Todd Maduke

Sean McIntyre

Michael Platt 

  Von Rock

Jay Nelson




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by Tom Olsen and the Wreckage

Summer 2017 shows:

June 10th, 2017: PRIVATE EVENT

July 5th, 2017: Ward 9 Hoedown / Crossroads Market (CALGARY) 7:30pm

July 8th, 2017 (am): Ismaili Stampede Breakfast (CALGARY) 8am - 10am

July 8th, 2017 (pm): Mikey's Juke Joint (CALGARY) 9:30pm

July 10th, 2017: Deane House (CALGARY) 11:50am - 2pm

July 14th, 2017: Deane House (CALGARY) 11:50am - 2pm

July 15th, 2017: Deane House (CALGARY) 11:50am - 2pm

July 16th, 2017: Deane House (CALGARY) 11:50am - 2pm


1. Everywhere

2. Heartbroken

3. Someone Else's Dream

4. Blight

5. Admit That You Love Me

6. Good Night Irene (Again)

7. Candleight

8. Waiting For You

9. I'll Take Despair

10. First Time Caller (Long Time Sinner)

11. Devil's Talkin' Through You

12. Nothing At All

13. Wrecking Crew

14. Roz, We Scare So Many People

Subtle As A Hurricane

Subtle As a hurricane (2015)

1. Toss And Turn

2. Every Now And Then

3. Friends

4. Out Of View

5. Lighter Shade Of Blue

6. The Only Fat On You Is Me

7. Loving You (From Way Over Here)

8. How Long

9. Tattoo

10. You'd Be Wrong

11. July 4, Bit Timber Montana

12. When We Were Grown

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For information or bookings please email tom.wreckage@gmail.com

Photos by Andy Greening, Ben Jackson, and Brent Morley Smith